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Reunite Foster Children with Family

Thank You for taking a moment to see how you can help move a foster child from being alone in a strange place to being reunited with loving, caring family members who will give this deserving child the permanent home they need.

Vitally Important to Find Foster Children's Relatives

The process of looking for family members of a foster child is called family finding. This process is critical because it is the first step to moving a child out of foster care. Once enough relatives have been located and notified, social services works with them to find those who are willing to be involved with the foster child. Every foster child's best outcome is to have a permanent family.

Without family finding, many children stay in foster care for years bouncing from one place to the other. Once they aged out (become too old to stay in the foster care program), they end up on the streets with little or no support.

Foster Children Need Our Advocacy

Forever Homes for Foster Kids believes that all U.S. foster children deserve to live happy, healthy lives in a permanent home. By locating foster children's family members, we become the primary method to move these kids out of foster care and into forever homes.

Our Charity's Annual Goal for 2020

Our 2020 goal is to reunite 147 immigrant and foster children with their families. There are 435,000 children in U.S. foster care today. Although roughly half will return to their parents, this still leaves about 200,000 foster children, many who stay in foster care for years, while about 24,000 will be forced out of the system this year with no financial or family support.

The truth is that our charity cannot save every children. It's often said, though, that if we could save just one child from being abused or killed, it would be worth whatever the cost. Together with your help, we will make life-changing differences for these foster children.

Help us reach our goal of $60,146 to
reunite more than 147 foster kids with their families.

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