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How You Can Help Reconnect
a Foster Child with Family Now!

You can help move a foster child from being alone in a strange place to being reunited with loving, caring family members who will give this deserving child the permanent home they need.

Here's how.

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Donate Online

If you care deeply about children and want to make a difference, you can do so right now for a foster kid. All donations are tax deductible. **

Your donation of $25, $50 or $100 will support our work that gets foster youth out of the foster care system and into a forever home.

For $500, you can sponsor an entire case for a foster kid.

Realize that no contribution is too small to help. Even $5 multiplied by many can help unite a foster child with their family.

No child should have to grow up without knowing their family.
You can make a difference.
Act now and click the Donate Now button.

Become a Foster Children Silver Supporter

foster kids Join our group of Foster Children Silver Supporters, caring individuals who donate $8 every month. That's just $.25 per day. By giving a small, but ongoing amount, your donation helps ensure there is constant funding so we never have to turn away a foster child case.

Surprisingly, this concept works because it uses the multiplying power of many contributors who are willing to give a small amount to help change the lives of foster children.

To become a member, email us or call us at 858-368-9700 (Pacific) so we can thank you personally and get you set up. It takes only a moment and means so much to the children you will be helping to move into a permanent home with loving, caring relatives.


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What You Get When You Support Family Finding

You may be aware of the immeasurable benefits that come from providing a foster child with a permanent home. But let's take a moment to talk about the benefits you get from giving because there are many.

  • You are changing the lives of children by giving them an opportunity at a much happier, healthier life. The media constantly talks about how no one cares anymore, but your contribution says that you do care. And believe us, the foster children you help appreciate your caring.

  • You aren't ready to be a foster parent, but you still want to help foster children. You can be a force for good by supporting our work to move children out of foster care.

  • Donations are 50% tax-deductible. **

  • You may like supporting activities that save taxpayer dollars. The California Permanency for Youth Project reported that "Over $220,000 a month could be saved if only 37 youth were placed, resulting in millions in annual savings." While the politicians scuffle over what to do, you can make something positive happen right now.

  • We will let others know you helped. We would be pleased to list you as a donor or supporter (with your authorization, of course). Or you can be a silent, but important donor.

  • You knew someone in foster care or were a foster parent. If you have been involved with foster children, you know how important it is for them to have at least "emotional permanence" through a relationship with family members.

No matter the reason for you wanting to give, take action and donate now.

* Click here to see the non-profit 501(C)3 document for Forever Homes for Foster Kids.

** Donations are tax-deductible if you itemize your deductions using Schedule A. However, information on this site about tax deductions is not intended to replace professional tax advice. To ensure you can take a deduction, please talk with your accountant, bookkeeper or the IRS.


Discover Easy Ways
to Help Foster Children

Foster Child report reveals:

  • How children come into the foster care system

  • The terrible future foster teens face when they "age out"

  • Three easy ways you can help a foster child right now

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