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Forever Homes for Foster Kids identifies and locates biological parents, grandparents and other adult relatives. This allows foster kids a chance to be reunited with their families who can offer emotional and mental support and often much more. These connections open the door for agencies so that foster children can move into permanent homes with blood relatives, or when appropriate, be adopted.

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With 25 years of experience we have developed an 82% success rate locating family members who can provide a support system for a foster child and often give them a forever home.

What We Do

Based on the information provided by county agencies and their non-profit partners, we conduct a targeted search of one or several specific cities where it is likely that family member(s) are living.

How it works

Agencies provide us with the details of their foster child case including birth records, marriage licenses, etc. Our specialists then perform a search for all available records to identify family members of the foster child.

Delivering our Findings

We make every effort to find at least one relative for the foster child. A case may require us to work with several government entities and other organizations to identify and locate family members. There is no "one size fits all."

Additionally, our reports must show that by using our services the agency has performed its requirement to do its utmost to identify and locate family members for the foster child. Our reports have been used in court cases and presented to the judge as evidence of the agency's family finding efforts.

Donor-Supported Services

Since January 2013, Forever Homes for Foster Kids services have been underwritten by contributions from individual donors and small businesses. In this way we have been able to engage more agencies and receive more cases meaning more children are now out of foster care and living with caring loving adults.


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